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Private high school
Do you want your child to get a diploma in Italy? Enroll him in the Italian private online school and your child attends online from your home to prepare for the exams in the Italian public school.
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Private high school

Enroll your child in the regular school course of the Meschini Institute lasting one school year at a time. Choose the educational path your child wants and, if in doubt, use the free orientation service offered by the teachers. At the end of each scholastic year, students take the qualification exam for the next class in the public school, up to taking the final exam in Italy and obtaining the recognized Diploma, since it was obtained and issued by the public school. The duration of the regular school courses to graduate is at least five years.
For those who want their children to study:
  • in a more reserved, motivating environment
  • with lessons in mini-groups
  • for those who do not want them to attend classes of twenty/thirty students with more dispersed lessons
  • for those who want to entrust their child to teachers with twenty years of experience and who treat them as if they were their own children.

Regular school courses: school addresses.

The following school addresses are active in the 2023/2024 school year in the regular courses year by year:
  • Lower secondary school (lower secondary school)
  • High school of human sciences
  • IT and Telecommunications
  • Professional Institute for Commercial Services.
The days and times of attendance of regular school courses are: Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 14.00. In the regular school course, all subjects are attended according to the ministerial programmes.
To be admitted to lower secondary school, the student must have a primary school certificate and be at least the age of:
  • 11 years for admission to the first class
  • 12 years for admission to the second class
  • 13 years for admission to the third class.

To be admitted to secondary school (high school) the student must have a lower secondary school leaving certificate and normally at least the age of:
  • 14 years for admission to first class
  • 15 years for admission to the second class
  • 16 years old for admission to the third class
  • 17 years for admission to the fourth class
  • 18 years old for admission to the fifth grade.
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